Video Diaries

For Jennifer Blumer, a tax partner in Charlotte, working for a big four firm in an exciting new city with some of
the nation’s largest banks provided valuable experiences which she has leveraged in all aspects of her life.
Working with great people and outstanding clients every day, becoming a leader and above all making a difference,
are just some of the great opportunities Will Anderson values as an Audit Manager in KPMG’s Washington DC office.
From discussing changes in business with clients to organizing dance marathons benefiting sick children,
Audit Associate Kristen Massimino finds no shortage of support from her extended family in KPMG’s Chicago office.
As director of KPMG’s Global Green Initiative, living in a city of optimism, wax figures, mud runs and half marathons
makes Brad Sparks a perfect representative for KPMG’s Global environmental initiatives.
In one of KPMG’s largest offices, Senior Tax Associate Emilie Bock finds the spirit of volunteerism and compassion
alive and well as she helps New York say “Thank You” to the larger community.
A global tax internship in the City of Lights helps Kate Leslie build her global
network and potentially a bright future with KPMG.
A global assignment in London, a city of great architecture, historical landmarks, royalty and the Beatles
opens doors for Advisory Senior Manager Michelle Cercone on her return to Atlanta.
An Audit Associate in the Denver office, Jon Chay has learned that there are tangible and intangible
benefits of working for KPMG such as the great relationships he has forged with his co workers and clients.
A second year associate in KPMG's Tax practice with a passion for running, Seth Young values the flexibility and support from his associates to pursue the things that are important to him.
The Bay Area is known for technical innovation, and
Associate Megan Calkins finds it fun and exciting to be a part of it!
Texas is known for wide open spaces, oil wells, longhorns, and cowboy hats.
Senior Associates and twin sisters Funke and Lola feel right at home in the heart of it!