Pamela Champ

  • Office: Richmond
  • Practice: Audit
  • School: Hampton University

Pamela's Journal


It's 9 o'clock on a Thursday morning and my summer internship in the Audit practice has just begun. My first two days as an intern included meeting the other interns, getting acclimated to my local office, and becoming familiarized with the firm and its expectations of me as an intern. After the local office orientation, I traveled to the National Intern Training to receive technical based audit training and tips on maintaining a positive professional presence. Another key aspect of training was the networking opportunities. From bowling at Lucky Strike Lanes to meeting interns during dinner, it was very nice to interact and build relationships with other interns from across the country. At the conclusion of the National Intern Training, I felt very prepared and eager to begin working on my first client engagement.

Since my first engagement was a fairly small employee benefit plan, I only worked with the Senior Associate to complete the audit. I was able to immediately apply some of the concepts learned during training to conduct some of the test work for the audit. Now that I've had the opportunity to work on three engagements, I've gotten a better understanding of my role as an intern. Overall, I work under the direction of the Senior Associate to assist them with whatever tasks need to be done to complete the engagement. These tasks include performing test work, rolling-forward prior year documents to update them, or making copies of materials to go into work paper binders. In completing my assignments, it's also comforting to know that my engagement team is more than willing to answer any questions or concerns I have related to the engagement, my internship, or KPMG as a whole.

Although the internship is providing me with technical experience, it also provides me with a great opportunity to get to know other individuals within my office. Through happy hour events and other fun social activities, I am able to meet and interact with various employees and partners of the firm. One really fun event that I recently participated in was the annual Big Four Kickball Tournament. It was really exciting to compete against interns from the other Big Four companies and be cheered on by various individuals from my local office. Now that I'm halfway through my eight week internship, I've realized that I've learned a lot thus far and am looking forward to the positive experiences to come.


At this point in my internship I've been able to work with clients in various industries including government, insurance and retail. In working on these engagements I've learned a great deal from many of the individuals on the client engagement teams. While working on assignments allows me to develop my technical skills, a huge part of what I'm learning during this internship happens in informal settings. Often times, when the engagement teams go out for lunch together I get a chance to listen to the Associates, Managers, and Partners talk about their experiences with the firm. On Tuesday I went to lunch with my engagement team and had a great time getting to know them while soaking up the advice they had for me. One of the key points they stressed was how having a positive attitude can truly impact my success as an intern.

I've also received a lot of insight and advice from both my performance manager and mentor. At the beginning of my internship I met with my performance manager to set personal and professional goals to attain throughout the internship. Mapping out these goals has given me a guideline to follow to ensure I am doing what is expected of me as an intern. Whether it's over lunch, through emails, or informal meetings, we frequently keep in touch to discuss my progress. I also maintain contact with my mentor who gives me a lot of helpful advice that I have been able to use throughout the internship to further my development and help me succeed.

The highlights of this week were the intern activities I participated in. On Tuesday I did a scavenger hunt during which a Partner of the firm drove myself and my teammate around the city while collecting clues. It was really fun to both learn about the city and get to know one of the office Partners while navigating through the city. On Thursday I attended a presentation that outlined important aspects of the CPA Exam including registration dates, changes to the exam, and helpful study resources. Since I want to obtain my CPA license in the future, the presentation really helped me understand the steps I need to take in order to reach that goal.


This past week has been very busy for me. Since I'm working on a fairly large client who files quarterly reports to the SEC, I have had a lot of tasks to complete to help my engagement team close out the client's second quarter. This week my main project was to tie out financial statements and footnotes. To "tie out" something means to make sure financial data is depicted and supported by the appropriate documentation. Being an intern on a large client, there is always a lot for me to do. What I've learned from this experience is that it is very important to stay organized, remain in constant communication with the Senior Managers, and always ask clarifying questions to ensure I fully understand the tasks assigned to me. Although I was responsible for a lot tasks this week, the ability to multitask helped me complete the tasks in an efficient manner.

On Tuesday I attended an etiquette luncheon sponsored by the firm. At the luncheon I learned about the proper way to handle certain situations in a business environment. The luncheon also covered certain cultural issues as it relates decorum in different cultures. On Thursday I also continued planning my local office's Interns for Literacy event. As one of the Interns for Literacy Champions, I am responsible for coordinating an event to promote literacy within my community. This year, my local office will sell raffle tickets to raise money to provide books to children at a local daycare center. I'm really glad that even as an intern I am had the opportunity to give back and serve my community in this way.


On Monday and Tuesday, I reviewed sections of the client's quarterly report and compared it to supporting documents to ensure its verifiability. I also maintained a confirmation receipt log for the client's accounts receivable balances. On Thursday, I summarized the client's board meeting minutes and press releases so that my engagement team members were more aware of the client's operations. Overall, I felt that my tasks were very meaningful and my contributions to my engagement team were significant.

On Tuesday, I attended a luncheon where panelists described their experiences related to working in a global economy. I was able to network with interns and Partners who participated in global internships and rotations. My favorite activity of the week was being able to give back to my community through the Interns for Literacy event. On Friday, all of the interns went to local daycare centers to read to children. After reading and playing a few games with them we gave them their very own books to take home. It was truly heartwarming to see the huge smiles on the kid's faces as they received their books.

On Thursday I met with the Senior Associate to discuss my progress during the engagement. The engagement review process has been really beneficial to me throughout the internship. I was able to receive positive comments on what I was doing right and what I could improve upon. Since this internship is a learning experience, I really believe that I will be able to build upon the feedback and progress in a positive way.

Fun Facts

  • Are you involved in any on-campus clubs or activities?

    I am the President of Hampton University’s Student Recruitment Team. I am also a member of the Honors College, National Association of Black Accountants, Golden Key International Honour Society, and Sigma Beta Delta Business Honor Society.

    Do you have a mentor? If yes, please describe the experience.

    My experience with my mentor was wonderful! I was able to learn a lot from her and felt comfortable asking her questions or voicing any concerns I had related to my role as an intern, KPMG, or other general topics. We kept in touch through email, lunch meetings, or whenever we saw each other at firm related events. The advice she shared with me during our meetings was beneficial throughout the duration of my internship.
  • What are your favorite TV shows?

    Law and Order: SVU, Everybody Hates Chris, Wipeout

    What is the last book you read?

    Expect to Win by Carla Harris

    What do you do for fun/hobbies?

    love to shop and go on random road trips with my friends.
  • Have you traveled outside of the US? For school or personal? Where?

    No I haven’t traveled outside of the US.

    What are the top 3 reasons you chose KPMG for your internship?

    The people (campus recruiters and local office employees) are the main reason I chose the firm. Every KPMG representative I met seemed to be very friendly and welcoming. Secondly, KPMG offers many opportunities to grow within the firm to ensure constant learning and development. Lastly, after researching the firm, I chose KPMG because of its prestige and the wonderful accolades I heard about through friends and college professors.
  • What advice would you offer to a student just beginning the recruiting/application process?

    I would advise them to be very proactive throughout the entire process. It is essential that they meet and maintain relationships with firm representatives. Building a strong rapport with these individuals they will enable them to set themselves apart from other individuals also going through the both the recruiting and application process.

    What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

    “Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” – Brian Tracy