Antioni Parker

  • Office: Atlanta, GA
  • Practice: Audit
  • School: Brigham Young University

Antioni's Journal


The first month of my internship can be summed up in one word, "Exposure." I've been able to meet interns from across the country, participate in two audits and plan a service project to promote reading to children in my community. National Intern Training introduced me to E-audit as I introduced other interns visiting Atlanta to authentic southern cooking.

Training and self-studies quickly came to an end as I found myself in the parking lot preparing to join my first engagement team. The secretary introduced me to my team and I sat with my senior and another associate in a very nice conference room next to the kitchen filled with complimentary snacks and drinks. Over the next two weeks I had the opportunity to draft memos, test journal entries, and follow up on confirmations as we worked to complete the audit on time. I really enjoyed testing cash distributions, which included gathering supporting information from the Controller. Her computer seemed to have problems and crashed several times, which led to heated conversations with the IT department. I was very apprehensive to approach her but my engagement team had confidence in me to accomplish this task. I made sure I had all of the information and made my way to her office. She invited me in and it went a lot better than I expected. It was my first time meeting with the client and it definitely gave me more confidence to do it again. I've spent the last week on a new client in a different industry, which has given me new tasks to complete.

Along with working in different parts of the city, I've had several opportunities to meet KPMG professionals in the office, associate events, and during lunch appointments. I met with my PML before my first audit engagement and he made a few suggestions on how I can complete a successful internship. Some of my most valuable time has been spent with my engagement team while at lunch. During lunch I'm able to develop relationships with my team, which has translated into them trusting me with more challenging projects. I'm excited to see what my internship has in stored over the next few weeks as I attend a Braves baseball game with the other interns, complete a service project, and join other engagements teams.


Over the past two weeks my team, "The Amazing Readers," have been preparing to participate in KPMG's Intern Community Service Challenge. All of our planning and coordination came together on Monday when we put on "The Amazing Read" for approximately 100 summer camp children. The purpose of our service project was to promote the importance of reading. We didn't want to just read to the kids so we decided to pursue active reading. We wanted the kids to realize that reading can be fun. We set up nine stations throughout the gym. Each station had an activity and reading assignment, which allowed the kids to work in teams, have fun and, most importantly, read. It was a lot of fun but it was a challenge against interns across the country so we will find out who wins on Tuesday.

The past week has been full of deadlines, e-audit, and client interaction. After we completed our community service I headed out to the client site to help finish their second quarter interim review. I was exposed to e-audit during national training, but this past week has helped me gain a better understanding of how to use this tool. My senior had a week to get a lot done so she gave me assignments I never thought I would complete as an intern. I performed inventory ratio analysis, inventory cut-off testing, verified revenues/AR recognition, and reviewed tax provision schedules. I submitted my work to e-audit and my senior reviewed my submissions. She gave me feedback and tips on my work, which I found to be very valuable. I enjoyed this week because I felt like a regular member of the team contributing to the completion on the quarterly review.

Our manager came out on Friday and treated us to lunch. I enjoy going to lunch with my team because I get to learn about them and life working for KPMG. They shared many of their experiences from yearly training sessions to working on different clients. I'm now preparing for my third and final client of my internship. I've been emailing my senior and I just got my first assignment. I will be stopping by the office to pick up some materials for the engagement. This is a larger client so I'm excited to experience one of the larger engagement teams. I know this is going to be another great week.


The past week has taught me about "PBC's." PBC's are documents "Prepared by Client." These documents are very important because we use them to perform test work necessary to gain assurance over the audit we are performing. Our client has been involved in an acquisition of another company so I've been able to see how different business decisions affect an audit. I'm excited to come in next week because we are supposed to receive a lot of PBC's, which means more exposure to the auditing world.

On Wednesday, we went with our mentors to the Braves game. My mentor was unavailable so I was adopted by other professionals for the evening. It was a lot of fun reuniting with the other interns and learning about their internship experience so far. We have had different internship experiences from travel arrangements to client types but we all have enjoy what we have been assigned.

Our effort to participate in KPMG's Intern Community Service Challenge paid off. We are one of the winning teams! We learned this week that our group is one of ten teams selected to partner with the Habitat for Humanity for community service in New Orleans, LA. My team is very excited and we look forward to trading in our business clothes for our service clothes to wrap up our internship.

Fun Facts

  • Are you actively invlved with any community organizations? If so, which ones and briefly describe your invlvement.

    Boy Scouts of America – I am currently the Cubmaster for the Bear Den of about 10 boys in Orem, UT.

    Do you have a mentor? If yes, please describe the experience.

    Alan Blom – Alan is a South African diamond merchant I met while living there for two years. He has moved to the United States and guides me when it comes to school, pursuing a career, and being happy in my life as a newlywed.
  • What is the last book you read?

    Angels and Demons – Dan Brown

    What do you do for fun/hobbies?

    Basketball, football, soccer, cooking, small video production, African safaris

    Have you traveled outside of the US? For school or for personal? Where?

    South Africa – Voluntary missionary with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I also spent time in Botswana and visited Lesotho and Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls is beautiful!)
  • What advice would you offer to a student just beginning the recruiting/application process?

    Be remembered. But, be remembered for something good. Recruiters meet so many prospective interns that I would imagine it being difficult to remember every student. You have to create some opportunity or experience that will make you stand out in their mind. When they meet to discuss students they would like to extend offers you want multiple recruiters to remember your face and the time they had with you when your name comes up for discussion. Your grades are important but KPMG is more than just grades. Your memorable interaction with recruiters shows you have more than grades but come as a complete package.

    What are your favorite TV shows?

    First Take (ESPN), Sportscenter, Pardon the Interruption (PTI), The Hills, Sports Nation.
  • What are 5 things that your friends may not know about you?

    1. I used to be scared of small dogs
    2. I’m into scrapbooking
    3. Soccer is my second favorite sport
    4. I watch chick flicks
    5. My wife buys all of my clothes

    What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

    “Work hard!” I know this isn’t a transformational statement but it has really helped me to succeed in life. We all won’t be the smartest with the most talent and technical ability but we can make up for the difference by working hard. Working hard allows you to stand out whether that means standing at the copy machine for five hours or completing complex spreadsheets. Your work ethic will take you a long way.